Pastor's Corner

Abraham Was a Hebrew (What is that?) Part 2
January 5, 2015 Comments
The first person to be called a Hebrew was Abraham, and the name commonly refers to his descendants, known as the Jewish people. The word for Hebrew u... Read More...
What about James? (Are We Really Justified by Works?) Part 1
January 5, 2015 Comments
Whenever you preach the 100% pure gospel of God’s grace, someone will inevitably ask, “What about James?” The gospel of grace that Paul preached... Read More...
Following MaShiach
December 23, 2014 Comments
"And if you belong to MaShiach, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." This verse from Galatians 3 has me looking very dee... Read More...
Being Born Again
December 17, 2014 Comments
No Nick, you can't crawl back into your mother's womb to be born again, but you can die and be born again. Trust me, if we can see what the wind does,... Read More...
What Goes Around Comes Around
December 17, 2014 Comments
When he was a little boy, we taught him to recite the scriptures, how to hold the mic, how to use his voice, and how to scream and modulate to the pul... Read More...
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