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Abraham's Seed?
"And if you belong to Messiah, then are you Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." (Gal.3:29) The promise is the Spirit coming to live in us, and bring us the Kingdom inheritance. Now, the only other question is this, 'who is Abraham?" How can we claim to know Messiah, but yet be ignorant of Abraham? There were a group of Jews in John 8 who thought that they were Abraham's seed, but Messiah quickly corrected their assumption (Please read it). They had all of the facts down pat about Abraham, but they didn't BEHAVE like Abraham. Their daddy was the devil. It is very true that black people are Israelites- not Jews necessarily, and that makes us Abraham's descendants, but the only way to truly become "Abraham's seed" is through Messiah. Messiah has made a way for all races of people to become Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. What's so special about Abraham? Well, he's the first person in the bible to be called a Hebrew. So? We call ourselves Christians, or followers of Christ, but Abraham was called a Hebrew, because he followed YAH, who was called the "GOD of the Hebrews." Today, Christianity is mere religious confusion, but if you were a Hebrew the world would know where you stood. Hebrew means "one who stands opposite," "against," "ever" (eber)...Abraham stood against the entire sea of idolatry in the world. Abraham was a literal person, but he represents FAITH, which without, it is impossible to please the Father. Blacks, Whites, and many more races of people are continually doing politics and religion in the outer court and the inner court of the Father's good and acceptable will, but refuse to have their heads decapitated (by the WORD) and enter HIS perfect Kingdom. My skin tells me (and others as well) that I'm Black, but my spirit cries Hebrew.
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