Pastor's Corner

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

There's no such thing as "The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel." It's impossible for anyone or anything to be lost from our FATHER'S eyes. Yahweh is gathering HIS people from the four corners of the earth..."Teshuvah" (return to Yahweh) is on!
Wake up people! The continuous extermination of Jews and Blacks is nothing new. It was prophesied by. It was planned! It was done on purpose, and still being done.The Bible is a Hebrew book. The Western / Greek / Roman mind doesn't understand As long as you insist on a made up ethnic identity of skin color and heathen celebrations and customs, you'll never see who you really are, and why you exist.

Because of sin (transgression of the Law) all men are born lost. Not lost in the sense of can't be found, but lost from being disconnected from our SPIRITUAL life source...our heavenly FATHER. HE knows where, as well as who, you are. Sin, our flesh, the devil, Pharaoh, Herod, Caesar, Hitler, the slave masters, the KKK, educational discrimination, slums, drugs, alcohol, poverty, domestic violence, Ebola, as well as our own ignorance have all stood in line to wipe us out. Why? Why were you so hated? Could it be because you were so loved? "For the FATHER so loved the world (you were in it) that HE gave HIS only begotten Son..." HIS love is so great until HE even loves the ones who hated you.

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