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Black and White, The Movie

"Black and White," that's the name of Kevin Costner's new movie (opens on January 30). Costner says that he hopes that the movie will "redefine how people think about race." Umm, umm, let me see...

Personally speaking, people (all races) get together and make movies. Movies make money, so how the people who make the movies truly feel about each other could possibly remain hidden. After all, they're actors, and they're really good at what they do.

People don't like to talk abo...ut race, but I want to talk about it. I know how most people think..."You're a Pastor, you should try to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable...after all, there's no black or white in Christ." My testimony: At this point in my life I feel pretty comfortable, but only because I've endured many moments of being uncomfortable.

One of the young men that I pastor came to me after assembly yesterday and said that many people consider him a racist because he speaks openly about race, and he openly challenges the statement that Christians make..."It's not about race." I agree wholeheartedly with him, and with them as well. No flesh and blood (race, skin color) will enter the Kingdom. However, here on earth, on our jobs, and in the church particularly, we should not have to "walk on egg shells" when it comes to dealing with matters of race and color.

Black people get mad with black leaders and go and join a white church, and vice versa. Blacks and whites in the same congregation, but still "walking on egg shells" when it comes to race. Race does matter, and it matters because YOU just happen to be clothed inside of that dark, or light colored skin. You don't have to be black to be my brother...just be Hebrew. When we both understand that we're Hebrew, then we can rejoice together, cry together, rebuke each other, disagree, agree, and never have to make allowances for each other because of color.

Whites know that many black people can sing, shout, and dance really good, and if that's why you want me in your church, then tell me to my face right up front and I won't be offended. It's my decision to come or not. Because if you don't tell me, then you're not going to be truthful with me for fear that I'll leave if you ever make me angry. Blacks know that many whites like to be in charge, and if we don't put them over something, they'll leave. So we show respect of person and put them over something out of fear they'll leave. Or, even worse, we see that they're truly gifted in a certain area, and because they're white, and because we want to keep all the black folk happy, we refuse to put them over anything. Now you've compromised. It's a hot mess!

Everything with Yahweh is black OR white, not black and white. You're either right or wrong. You're either Hebrew or heathen. Don't deal with skin, but deal with the sin that inside the skin.

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