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Man Given Authority to “Till” the Ground, or the Earth
Last evening’s Fight Like A Man (FLAM ‘s) fellowship focused on Genesis 2:5, in in particular the phrase, “and there was not a man to till the ground.”

Man was given authority to “till” the ground, or the earth. Till is the Hebrew word “abad,” which means to work, serve, or service.
The earth belongs to Yahweh, but HE put man in charge of it. The entire creation (the ground, the waters, the sky, plants, animals,
seasons, weather,etc) all groan and travail because man envied the Father and sinned against HIM. Man was punished for sin, evicted from Eden, and forced to endure the hard task of laboring in the outside world.
Yahweh has never changed HIS purpose and plan for man. HE still expects man to till, or tend to the earth. Because of sin, men and women are born into this world with the innate desire to rule over one another in order to gain pleasure in this earthly life. We hate, envy, manipulate, kill, rape, molest, abuse, and even attempt to love others, but all too often we forget why we’re here..”be fruitful, multiply, subdue, replenish, and have dominion in the earth.”
Men and women are “co heirs” together in the grace of life, and the entire creation is groaning and travailing because these two refuse to get it together.

Men must learn how to “abad,” (not be bad, but abad) work, tend to, take care, and serve the Kingdom of Yah. The world, as well as our culture, has taught us to step back and let women take care of things, but that’s not what the Book says.
Why would the Father put us in charge (rule over, tend to, abad) and not give us authority and power to do so?
Bob McClain

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