Couples Retreat, October 13-15, 2017 - Lakepoint Resort State Park, Eufaula, Alabama

Hello Couples,

Our last meeting was held June 4, 2017. We are truly inspired by all the couples we meet in the LBFM Marriage Ministry. We love the marriage ministry because it gives us the opportunity to build a stronger understanding of God’s plan for marriage. Thanks Pastors Bob and Jackie McClain for your tireless and self-sacrificing labor of love to build and support God’s divine institution of Marriage. We thank God for you!

During our last fellowship gathering………

The group was presented with the following ideas from the Retreat Planning Committee to make:

  • Friday Night, October 13th, get acquainted night with the theme:

 "70's Flashback."  All Couples should come dressed, this night, in attire     similar to that worn during the Seventies Era. So get starting looking for that perfect outfit! Time (TBA)

  • Saturday Night, October 14th, dinner attire Formal, time (TBA) .

These suggestions were whole heartedly embraced and accepted by the couples. Thanks Committee (O’Neils, Forbes and Vanns) for sharing your great thoughts and ideas, helping to make our planning for this event one of excitement and fun! Keep up the great work.

Excluding these particular times, couples are encouraged to dress casual (comfortably) while participating in games; break out sessions with spouses, enjoying private times of relaxation, leisure and recreational moments with your spouse.

Please keep the following important deadlines and closing thoughts in mind as we approach the weekend of our Marriage Retreat, October 13 -15, 2017.

  • Total Cost per Couple……$ 325.00.  All remaining balances are due by September 3, 2017.
  • If paying by check, make payments out to: Living by Faith Ministry, 3906 Pecanwood Dr., Oxford, AL 36203. Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 3104, Oxford, AL 36203.
  • Cost includes Breakfast and Dinner meals on Saturday (only). Onsite restaurants are available for other mealtimes at reasonable rates, if you desire.  Also, several local restaurants are within a 5- 10 minute drive.

 This retreat is open to all couples; participants are not limited to LBFM members only. Please do encourage other couples to come and be blessed. A few rooms are still available.

Closing thoughts………Why A Marriage Retreat?

This marriage seminar is invaluable for those who want a transformation or want a tune-up to make their marriages even better.

After being married for 43 years and having attended numerous marriage retreats, we are still amazed at what we don’t know about marriage. Each retreat has supplied us with more tools helping us continue to build a strong marriage foundation.

It is so refreshing to fellowship with other couples in various seasons of their lives committed to working on improving their marriages.

When the relationship gets put on the back burner, a couples retreat reminds us about the importance of our partner and relationship.

Husbands, thank you for joining us in becoming a Marriage Retreat Husband!

Wives, thank you for joining us in becoming a Marriage Retreat Wife!

Now Couples, let’s take our marriages from being Good to GREAT!

 Ray & Stephanie Jacobs

Couples Ministry Coordinators

Men, join me in becoming a Marriage Conference Man. 

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3906 Pecanwood Drive, Oxford, Alabama 36203   |   256-831-0871   |   P.O. Box 3104, Oxford, AL 36203
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